HELOC Special Offer

Rate and closing cost offer are effective January 2, 2017, subject to change without notice and are for new home equity lines of credit. The 3.75% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is fixed for the first 12 months after the loan closes and then becomes variable each month. The APR will be based on an Index PLUS a margin after the initial fixed rate period. The index is the highest Prime Rate published in The Wall Street Journal. As of    January 2, 2017 the Prime Rate was 3.75%; however the APR can never go below 3.50%, the floor rate. The maximum APR will be 16% APR, the ceiling rate. APRs assume a credit score of 750 or better; other programs with other terms or costs are available for credit scores below 750 or line amounts over $500,000. Minimum line amount is $5,000.00. Offer excludes expenses for legal work outside the normal scope requiring additional documentation and preparation, a non-standard property appraisal needing additional verification from the appraiser or title issues with additional legal work. Offer applies to owner-occupied 1-4 family primary residences and second homes, excluding mobile homes. Homeowners insurance is required.